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Tushy Lickers has always been one of the best sites around when it comes to ass licking movies and this new update just reaffirms why they are so good at what they do. These two babes have perfect asses and they love to rim each other until the sun comes up.

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First these two babes were playing around in their sexy outfits. As they got more and more horny they started to kiss and peel off each other’s clothes. It didn’t take long until they were both naked and feeling each other’s amazing nude bodies. With big asses in faces they started the ass licking fun. The blond was hungry and ate ass like she hadn’t eaten in months.

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She spread those ass cheeks wide open and pressed her tongue right on that asshole. These girls gave each other wet rim jobs as they licked ass like there was no tomorrow. The blond laid back and let the other hottie sit right on her face and smother her as she got her salad tossed. It was wet, hot and tons of fun.


Ass licking movies of girl with a big ass getting her salad tossed.

Tushy Lickers has just flat out outdone themselves this time out. They have found a girl with a nice big ass that gets that ass licked by another hot girl and it is amazing to see. There is ass for days and this hot girl licks that ass like her life depends on it. I nearly blew a gasket watching the ass licking movies. Here are a couple of pics for you to check out.

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The girls start of wearing some sexy outfits, but one of the girls sees that other girl’s nice round ass and needs to have a taste right now. She yanks her clothes off of her then bends her over and gives her a wet rim job. She cleans that ass out with her tongue before announcing that she wants to be smothered.

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She lays flat on her back and the girl with the big ass gets on top and sits down right on her face. She smothers her with that ass. The girl on the bottom tosses salad and licks her way out, gasping for a few breaths then going back in to eat more ass. It feels so good it makes the girl with the big ass cum right on her face.


An older women gives her husband the gift of ass licking a 19 year old babe.

Now this is the kind of birthday present you want to get. The guys at Tushy Lickers somehow got their hands on a red hot ass licking video that shows a sexy mature woman bringing home a hot 19 year old piece of ass and letting her husband lick the girls ass while they have a threesome. It is an ass licking movie that will have you reaching for a towel.

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The wife brought the hottie into the bedroom and got her clothes off. While the teen babe was sucking on the wife’s nipples the husband walked in and saw that sweet 19 year old ass staring him in the face just begging to be rimmed. As his wife gave him the okay he leaned in and started licking her ass.

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He tossed salad on the 19 year old babe and licked her clean while the wife got on all fours in front of her and let the teen slut lick her ass. This girl is only 19 and never even licked ass before today, now she was getting a rim job and eating ass at the same time and it got her so wet her pussy was dripping and she was begging to be fucked hard by both the husband and wife.


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I was over checking out Tushy Lickers today and found this amazing set. The girls both have asses that could stop traffic and when they get down to it these two horny hotties really know how to lick an ass. I loved checking it out and wanted to share the lesbian ass licking good times with you.

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These girls don’t play games. They know what they want and how to get it so they get naked fast and get on the bed. Like a couple of wild minx they go right for the ass, grabbing and slapping each other on the ass and feeling each other’s amazing bodies. The feeling is good, but these girls want to eat ass now.

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One of them lays the other girl face down on the bed and buries her face between those sweet cheeks to give her  hot lesbian rim job. If feels to good the girl getting licked squirms and moans with pleasure. As the girl doing the ass licking gets her tongue in deeper she sends the other girl over the top and into an ecstasy orbit. It is an ass licking she won’t soon forget that is for sure.


Three hotties have some ass licking fun.

The guys at Tushy Lickers know what we want. We want to see hot girls eating each other’s asses out and that is exactly what they give us in their newest ass licking update. This one kicks things up a couple of notches as three girls get naked and get into the anal fun.

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The ass licking movies start out with the three babes in their panties and shirts getting each other naked, kissing and sucking on each other’s nipples. They loves rubbing each other’s bodies and fingering those pussies, but they are here from some ass play so it doesn’t take too long before they get down to business.

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Right away the two girls on the outside sandwich the middle babe in and push her to the bed. They go to work on her ass, giving her we hot rim job then one of them sucks on her nipples while the other opens her ass up and tosses salad. The girl in the middle is so turned on by all the ass licking that she starts to moan. As the girl tossing her salad slides her tongue deeper up that ass the girl getting licked cums hard and thrashes all over the bed.


It’s an ass licking slumber party with three girls.

Now this is hot. Tushy Lickers pulled out all the stops for this update when they brought in three smoking hot babes for an all girl slumber party. There is ass licking everywhere with girls getting rimmed, licked and eaten all over the room. Check out the ass licking movies, but don’t forget to bring a towel, this update is hot.

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The girls got together in a room and were naked in no time. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other so they got down to business fast and didn’t hold back as they sucked each other’s nipples and slapped each other’s asses. The fun really got started when one girl bent another over and gave her a rim job.

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That was the leak that broke the dam open. These girls were now hot, wet and ready to get wild. They licked ass, tossed salad and anal tongue fucked each other until all three girls had a screaming orgasm. There was so much wet anal play that the girls all had asses that were tingling and throbbing with pleasure. And all this happened in the first hour with the entire night still to come!


Ass licking movies of a guy tossing a hotties salad.

Sometimes the guys over at Tushy Lickers just deliver exactly what you are in the mood for. In this case I was just looking for some hot ass licking movies and not story or setup and that is exactly what this hot update delivered.

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She walked in and bent over right in his face so he reached up and smacked that ass and started pulling her shorts off. He didn’t waste any time getting to work on her ass and giving her some deep anal tongue action. She just bent over and let him smother his face in her nice round ass.

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He flipped her over pile driver style, spread those cheeks and licked her ass. The ass licking felt so good she started to moan and could feel her pussy getting wet. Just as she was about to cum he slid his tongue into her ass and sent her over the edge. The simple rim job and turned into a full on anal tongue fuck and she was loving every second of it.


Ass licking on the new day bed.

Sometimes you celebrate things in different ways. The girls in this new update from Tushy Lickers got a new day bed for their spare room and decided to celebrate by breaking it in with some dripping wet ass licking action. Luckily those horny bastards at Tushy Lickers were up to the task and got some high quality ass licking movies of the whole thing.

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Susan and Dawn live together, sleep together and love eating each other’s asses. One afternoon they bought a new day bed for the spare room in their house. The movers got it all set up and and as Dawn was seeing them out Susan went in to try the bed out. When Dawn came back she found Susan buck naked on the bed and ready for some ass licking.

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Dawn stripped off her clothes, bent Susan over and licked her ass good. She gave her a deep, wet rim job that had her entire body throbbing with pleasure as she ate her ass out. She licked her good and tongue fucked her ass then the girls switched spots and it was time for Susan to give Dawn some anal pleasure.


She gives him the gift of some hot ass licking.

The newest update on Tushy Lickers brings us some red hot action featuring a very nice wife bringing a chick home for her husband so he can lick her sweet ass. The ass licking movies on this one are so hot you might need a fire suit to watch it.

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This good wife decided to give her husband the ultimate birthday present. One night she brought home a smoking hot babe with an ass so fine you would want to eat it for dinner. She took her into the bedroom and got her naked then when her husband walked in both girls attacked him. He pulled her legs back and watched as his wife ate her pussy and made her cum then it was his turn to give her a rim job.

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His sweet wife put this anal slut on all fours in on the coffee table and spread her ass wide open so her husband could bury his face in it and lick her ass like he was in a pie eating contest. He tossed her salad and made her cum again then sucked on her tits and went back to some more ass licking. That is a birthday he will remember.


Some ass licking fun in the shower for these babes.

Tushy Lickers just updated their site with a red hot (and dripping wet) new update. This one features a couple of smoking hot girls having some fun in the bath rub then getting into some deep ass licking. I just watched the ass licking movies for this update and it blew my hair back it was so wicked.

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The hotties got into the tub and started washing each other’s nice bodies off. At first they rubbed each other’s tits and faces then one of them stood up so she could get her pussy and ass washed. The other girl took one look at that ass and thought it looked like dinner.

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She buried her face between the other girls cheeks and licked her clean. Forget the regular bath, these girls wanted a tongue bath. She bent that babe over and gave her a nice wet ass licking. It was  rim job she won’t forget as she tossed her salad while reaching around and rubbing her clit. It felt so good the girl getting her ass licked came right there in the tub.